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Initial Discussion

Our process begins with a meeting to discuss building designs and various construction options. If the client already has a vision laid out, we can provide them with cost of construction. We will devise a contract and settle on a project timeline that is within budget and the client's project goals. We work with the customer every step of the way until job completion.

Optional Referral

After discussing your project scope, we may be able to provide you a referral for other services if needed (i.e. architect, engineer, surveyer, etc.). We've worked with many experts in the area, so we'll have a good idea of who would be a good match for your project. 

Drawings / Preliminary Budget

Once we've settled on a design and drawings are complete (if needed) we can devise a preliminary budget and schedule. Setting a reasonably accurate cost and timeframe at this stage of the project makes for a smoother construction phase.


This is where we do what we do best, whether it be new construction, additions, remodels, etc. We work quickly and efficiently without ever compromising quality.

Let us build your vision into a
picture perfect reality.
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